Main Street with the Catholic Church Kemenessömjén was first mentioned in 1311, as a settlement in Kemenesalja Region. The village was originally built at a different location, near to the Cinca river. The village got rebuilt after the Mongol invasion in the 1300s, a few kilometers north from its original location.

The village is bordered from the north by large forests and vineyards, and from the south by the marshlands of the Cinca river.

Its medieval Catholic church is dedicated to the Birthday of the Blessed Virgin Mary. Its furnishings are Baroque. The church got rebuilt multiple times.

The first church was built around 1339, then got rebuilt around 1600 by Lutherans. Catholics regained control over the building in 1782, and later the Lutherans built a separate church in 1888. Half of the residents are Lutheran, one fourth are Catholic.

The Berzsenyi family's mansion was built in art nouveau style in 1905. One of the pleasant wine cellars in the vineyard was poet Dániel Berzsenyi's favourite retreat.

In feudal times, a considerable number of freemen, yeomen, and farmer was living here. Some of their residences can still be seen.

Residents have access to tap water since 1982. The village got connected to the telephone system in 1996, and to cable-tv in 1997. Since 2004, the internet is available in the village.

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